Upcoming Events

9:00 am Photo Day –
Photo Day –
Jun 29 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
The school photographer will be visiting the nursery and will be taking  individual photos, sibling photos and nursery group photo. All children are welcome. If [...]
2:15 pm Nursery Graduation and Theatre Bug Show
Nursery Graduation and Theatre B…
Jul 6 @ 2:15 pm – 3:45 pm
Nursery Graduation and Theatre Bug Show
Graduation & Theatre Bugs show for children leaving to go to big school 
all-day Training Day Closure
Training Day Closure
Jul 19 all-day
Training Day Closure
Nursery will be shut for training day
5:15 pm Early closure
Early closure
Jul 20 @ 5:15 pm
Nursery will be shutting at 17.15pm today – in order to prepare for parents evening 
5:30 pm End of year – Parents Evening
End of year – Parents Evening
Jul 20 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
We will be hosting a one to one parents evening session (parents only). This session will provide the opportunity for you to make an appointment [...]
all-day Nursery Summer Break – August
Nursery Summer Break – August
Aug 21 – Sep 1 all-day
Nursery Summer Break - August
Nursery will be shut for the summer break

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Our Parents Say…

My child has only been in Happy Stars for just over a week and i think he really enjoying it. From the moment i visited, i like the warm environment, and how the staff cater to each child’s individually.
I especially like the fact that independence is encouraged, which has already had a positive impact on my child.
I think for every parent, finding the ideal nursery setting for their child can be a challenging, but with Happy Stars t feel i’ve found the perfect place for my child -
— Parent of B – October 2014


Some examples of the lovely positive feedback from our parents!

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I cannot speak highly enough of Happy Stars; when I drop my son off, I know he is going to be safe, loved and cared for; I know he is going to learn something new whether it is to write his name, make biscuits, sing, dance or behave in a group. When I ask him “how was nursery today” he always replies “it was great!”, well to me that’s an answer that says it all! Elliott says… “I like happy stars because I can share and also because I can play with my friends. — Sarah, Mum to Elliott

My daughter couldn’t be happier at Happy Stars ! she has a fantastic time here and doesn’t stop talking abut it when she at home. Her closeness to all the staff gives me comfort. Her continuous development leaves me assured Happy Stars is the perfect place for my toddler.
Thank-You for making her so happy every-time she is here!
— Hetal Patel – Mum to Suraya – March 2013

My daughter has been at nursery since she was one yeas old, I’ve seen the development and progress she makes and I’m very pleased. Janae is two now and she is so independent now, talking so much more with the help of the nursery and with all the activities they do. Janae loves going to nursery , and particularly enjoys being outside in the garden., where the kids enjoy the freedom. She also loves the mini trips in the local area such as going to the library for story time, over all I am pleased with the standard of the nursery and cannot think of any flaws. — Leah – Mum of Janae – March 2013

We had a lovely time together, lots of decorating, made a lovely colourful Bunny and Chickens. Lots of running around biking and dancing. Thanks for organising a great Easter Party guys. — Rikil – Father of Alexandar – March 2013

Fabulous activities set up for Easter- We’ve loved icing the biscuits especially when we got to lick our fingers!!!!!.
Alfie really enjoyed decorating his bunny, cutters were a great idea – Thanks, Hanna
— Hanna – Mum of Alfie and Maggie Mae -March 2013

A lovely warm place where my sons feels safe and is well looked after by a fantastic staff, who are always there to help and support me and my son — M- Belgrave – March 2013

I am really happy with the way how my daughter feels about nursery: She enjoys being there, together with the rest of the children. When at home, she misses them and keeps talking about them, pretending that she plays with them or that she is one of her teachers.
Most important, I believe that she is safe in the hands of the nursery staff. This, together with her being happy and gaining new knowledge is the reason for me to feel good about my choice of a nursery for my child.
— Rossi, Gabriela’s Mum – April 2013

Happy Stars really is a wonderful environment for little ones to grow and learn.
Ms Dominika has been fantastic at giving A the support he has needed over the past year and has always kept both my husband and i well updated -
— Fran 2013

Ms Carol is a gem , she never looks feed up at the end of the day , she always makes time for the parents even if the parents haven’t the time. — D parents 2013

Ms Joan and the Happy Stars team are wonderful and very supportive to both parents and children — Fran 2013

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