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Our Parents Say…

We had a lovely time together, lots of decorating, made a lovely colourful Bunny and Chickens. Lots of running around biking and dancing. Thanks for organising a great Easter Party guys. — Rikil – Father of Alexandar – March 2013


At Happy Stars we know how important it is for parents to know that their child receives a well-balanced diet. This is why we employ a fully trained cook who will plan child-friendly meals that are prepared on site daily, using fresh ingredients.

We understand that some children might have special dietary needs or allergy requirements. This should be discussed with the Nursery Manager.

Every day between 9.30am and 10.30am the children have a self-service fresh fruit and vegetable snack table, and water is available throughout the day, which we encourage the children to drink regularly.

Milk will also be available at selected times of the day.

If you require any further information about our menus or wish to discuss your child’s specific dietary requirements please contact us on 020 8459 1754 or complete our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.