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I would recommend Happy Stars in a heartbeat to everyone, fantastic team — - Ms Angelides – 2014

Extra Activites

Music & Drama Classes

This class is charged at an extra cost per term


Theatrebugs classes compliment all six area of the EYFS, increasing confidence, self esteem, imagination, vocabulary and much more.

Many of the areas are covered weekly through the structure of the session itself: examples of these areas would be “moving and Handling” (which is covered each week in our movement section of the class) and “Communication and Language Development” ( which is covered each week during our interactive).

In  addition to this, our weekly story focuses on ( at least) one area of the curriculum each week and explores it in more depth.

Below are just some of the many ways Theatrebugs complement the Three Prime Areas.

Physical Development:

Caterpillars (Under 2′s ) Bounce along to our Bugtastic Beats!

Cocoons (2-3′s) Splash through puddles, crawl under hedges and swing through trees on their weekly imaginary journey!

Butterflies (Over 3′s) Dance and play to up to eighteen fun tunes each term 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Caterpillars (Under 2′s ) Make sad and happy faces like the animals in our story

Cocoons (2-3′s) Work as a group to solve the problem in our weekly adventure 

Butterflies (Over 3′s) Talk about and reflect on the behavior of the characters in the story 

Communication and Language:

Caterpillars (Under 2′s ) Point at the puppet and clap along to their song, wave bye bye!

Cocoons (2-3′s) Come up with ideas about how to save the day in our weekly mini adventures 

Butterflies (Over 3′s) Express their thoughts in our weekly interactive story

Every Child Matters

Theatrebugs and the Five Key Outcomes:

Be Healthy

Theatrebugs promotes healthy leaving in  our sessions: we regularly include stories about making the right choices when it comes to food, exercising, self-protection, emotions, fears and taking care of our world.

Stay Safe

Our sessions regularly deal with topics such as bulling, accidents, making the right and wrong choices. For example: we meet characters who make some bad choices and ask the children to assess how those characters could behave differently.

Enjoy and Achieve

At Theatrebugs the children learn through play. Our classes are first and foremost a fun activity for the children where they are free to play, explore and enjoy. Through these fun sessions the children gain increased self-confidence, improved vocabulary and a heightened self-esteem.

Make a Positive Contribution

Theatrebugs encourages the child to contribute within the session by participating in the story and interacting with the characters in the story. The Over 3s will learn dances and play characters of their own and the Under 3s will participate in music making with the whole class.

Achieve Economic Well Being

The sessions help to boost confidence, vocabulary, Imagination and self-esteem: all important attributes when considering the economic well- being of an individual.