Daily Routine

How learning takes place at Happy Stars 

At Happy Stars we are aware that every child should be given the opportunity to have the best possible start in life in order to fulfil their learning potential. The daily routine provides children with a rich learning environment, where they have access to a fully developed outdoor and indoor area that provides a wealth of opportunities.

The Indoor area is separated into two sections Twinkle Stars (1years- 2 ½ years) and Shiny Stars (2 years- 4+ years), this means we can provide appropriate resources for their care and development. However, don’t be surprise if you come into the setting and see some of the older children on the younger children side and vice a versa, like with any day at Happy Stars our routine is not set in stone and changes on a daily basis from the children interest are always acted on.

The outdoor garden has been setup into areas to support the children's Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage, children have opportunities to dig worms, hunt for mini-beast, participating in mud pies, reading stories or visiting the role play garage, as well as the opportunities just to run and be free. 


At Happy Stars we know how important it is for parents to know that their child receives a well-balanced diet. This is why we employ a fully trained cook Ms Kay who plans child-friendly meals that are prepared on site daily, using fresh ingredients.

We understand that some children might have special dietary needs or allergy requirements. This should be discussed with the Nursery Manager or your child’s Key-person.

Every day between 9.45am and 10.30am the children have a self-service snack bar which consist of a carb based snacks, fresh fruit and vegetable. Milk is available at this time, and water is available throughout the day, where we encourage the children to drink regularly.

Everyday at 3.30pm the children are served high Tea, milk is available at this time.

If you require any further information about our menus or wish to discuss your child's specific dietary requirements please do-not hesitate to contact us on 020 8459 1754 or complete our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

Extra Activities

Children have the opportunity to participate in a range of addtional activities in the nursery.  Some of these may incur an additional fee.