Activities taking place: Week beginining – 13th October 2014

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Each week we will post all activates that will take place in Happy Stars on the website , some of these activities are individual planned for children and some are planned on a group basis, so please login weekly to gain further information.

Twinkle Stars Area - Ms Teresa, Ms Leoni and Ms Carina

Tom   - Water with the sea animals to extend on his interest of animals and develop his knowledge on their names  and where they live.

Shai - Exploring coloured glue - to extend on his interest in glue from  last weeks activity.

Edward  - Big painting using the big cars and trains, to develop on his interest in cars and trains. 

James  - Puzzles to develop his understanding of shape and space 


To extend on last week activities, children will have the opportunity to in their favourite things/toy to show their friends

We will also be making a height chart to talk about sizes and heights 


Shiny Stars - Ms Zahara, Ms Mabel, Ms Dominika and Ms Tamera 

Individual activities planned for the children will continue for two weeks in order to allow the children to develop on the activity set 

Azim, Louis, Aaniya, Daniel and Daisy  - To read favourite stories that the children know, to encourage them to participate at intervals

Daniel, Bridie, George and Theo - start to recognise numbers 1 - 10 using a variety of resources

Alice, Charlie, Libby and Marisa  - learning to count objects 1 - 5 using fingers

Hanna Sienna and Janae - Begin to realise that a number of objects changes when added too or taken away from


The story of the week is: Hungary Caterpillar  - Please see link for the story -

Sound of the week is: I  - Igloo, Ink and Insect 

How to do the actions:  Pretend to be a mouse by wriggling fingers at end of nose and squeak i, i, i.

link to  how to make the sound http://

Nursery Rhyme is: Row Row Row your boat - see link for the song  -

New Dates/Events  have been updated in the calendar

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